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About Us


Quality training and research in effective and efficient way to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.


A dynamic center of innovation and creativity dedicated to teaching, lifelong learning, professionalism, research, entrepreneurship, and partnership with local and global communities to address emerging Business and Economic issues.


To be the center of excellence in training and research in Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship fields with a view to enhancing quality academic and continuous endeavors in research, innovation and technological development in line with the Universities’ Strategic plans.


  1. Develop programs/Curriculums that will meet students, industry, and community needs.
  2. Remain responsive to the needs of our communities (the public, our profession, academia, our university, our faculty, our students, industry, and the environment).
  3. To foster students’ ability to acquire disciplinary, interdisciplinary knowledge, attitude and skills for posterity.
  4. To build capacity in the school in order to undertake research and consultancies aimed at identifying problems and solutions for the benefit of local and regional communities.
  5. To promote high standards of quality teaching and research.
  6. To undertake collaborative activities and linkages with industries, communities, research and training institutions.
  7. Maintain a strong focus on sustainability (in our teaching and research and how we operate).
  8. Maintain a professional, ethical, and respectful workplace that is mutually supportive and open to diversity and that fosters communication, dialogue, and sharing of ideas and resources.


Professionalism (Accreditation, Respect, Ethics), Diversity, Mentorship, Responsiveness and Sustainability.

Dean, School of Business Management and Economics

Dean, School of Business Management and Economics

Dr. Anne Sang