Message From The Chairman Of Department

Welcome to the Operations and Supply Chain Management department. The department is charged with the responsibility of teaching and examining Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Logistics and Operations Management courses at the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology as well as spearheading research and developments in its areas of responsibilities among other University wide responsibility. The primary goals of the department are centered on expert training of students in areas of Supply Chain and Procurement/Logistics in order to produce professionals whose main objectives will be based on shared efficiency, optimized output and utilization of resources, quality improvement and long-term trusting supply chain relationships stability.

Why Supply Chain and Procurement/ Logistics Courses?

Supply chain management is a rapidly growing and ever-changing field. The department endeavor to produce supply chain experts who will be able to advice and adequately determines the nature of procurement of raw materials, transportation of materials to and from the company, manufacture of the product or operation to provide the service and distribution of the product to the customer, along with any follow-up service.
The department provides high tactical and practical training in Supply Chain and Procurement related areas. The department therefore expects the student to work hard, read widely and engage in self-learning in order to produce graduates who are qualified professionals and have the capacity to change the way of operations in an organization and introduce supply systems that are flexible, adaptable, cost effective and sustainable.
I therefore welcome you to the department and be assured to learn the latest developments, newest technology and most innovative ideas relating to supply chain management as well as meet and learn from a team of passionate supply chain and Operations professionals at the top of their field.