The Operations and Supply Chain Management department aims at achieving the following objectives;

  1. To enable students develop a theoretical and technical understanding of issues and approaches in Supply chain
  2. To install self-confidence to students so as to have the ability to critically evaluate supply chain issues, and develop from the ethical, professional and academic perspectives
  3. To enable the students to acquire integrated understanding of the world of business, with a firm foundation in related areas of procurement, operations management, ethics, supply chain and e-commerce
  4. To prepare the students for progression to higher degree, work and research I supply chain

Core Values
The department shall be guided by the following core values;

  1. Equality and Creative Thinking: We values academic freedom, enquiry, expression and exchange of ideas and views, critical as well as creative thinking.
  2. Spirit of Enterprise and Innovation: We shall endeavor to foster innovation, entrepreneurship activities, and enhance cordial and fruitful partnership with other departments and other stakeholders
  3. Honesty and Integrity: Long term maintenance and credibility of our department strongly depends on good character, academic and personal honesty of its members
  4. Timeliness and Efficiency: We value honoring time schedules, effectiveness and optimal utilization of available resources to attain set goals
  5. Respect, Fairness, and Justice: We value human dignity, rights, of other people, fair treatment, opportunities for all and gender sensitivity.
  6. Transparency and Accountability: Members of the department shall be open in their dealings and be accountable in the utilization of the resources entrusted to them.
  7. Collegiality, Teamwork and Partnership: We value cordial relationship among staff, students and administration units and collaborations with other parties
  8. Environmental Management and conservation: We value contribution to environmental friendly and sustainable development and protection of natural resources.