The department has three major programs;

  1. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management
    The program provides courses in core purchasing and supplies management skills in a four-semester program within two academic years. The courses in the program have been selected to give broad coverage of the functional areas of purchasing and supplies management. The program has been designed to meet the needs of people with work experience in procurement or in government or private sector employment who wish to enhance their skills in the functional areas of purchasing and supplies.

  2. Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management
    The Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management degree prepares candidates to work in areas of purchasing and Supplies in both private and public sectors. The course is structured to reflect the dynamic changes in purchasing and Supplies processes and provides a basis for, the world of work. It also provides academic, professional, and ethical principles and practices in decision making in an operating business environment. The programme is meant to meet the current needs in purchasing and Supplies chain management. It incorporates course units that will enable the graduates of the programme meet demands of the job market by providing solutions to problems prevailing in private and public procurement systems.

  3. Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management
    Supply Chain Management discipline is, at best an emergent discipline in the Kenyan Economy just like it is in many developing economies. This is surprisingly so, despite the fact that Supply Chain spend represents an estimated 15–25% of GDP in developing countries. The Kenya Institute of Supplies Management projects that there is inadequate supply of Supply managers in the country and in the region at large.
    The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management has been benchmarked with similar programmes offered in Europe, America and Asia for the purpose of serving the supply chain management profession and towards promoting best practice. This qualification will be a driving edge thinking and professionalism in supply chain. In line with this it will promote and develop high standards of professional skills, ability and integrity among those engaged in supply chain management as per the legal frameworks such as Public Procurement Asset and Disposal Act 2015, The Kenyan Constitution 2010, Preference and Reservation Act 2013, Public Private Partnership of Kenya 2011. Also more importantly it will assist individuals, organizations and the profession as a whole.