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Students Resources

At the DeKUT SBME Student Support Services are a cluster of facilities and activities that are provided to facilitate the learning experience. These services support the holistic development of the student and are augmented by available academic support. Provision is made for a wide range of support services, teaching resources and learning resources that promote students’ academic skill and success at all levels of study. Additional support ranging from managing the challenges of online studies, to professional individual, group counselling services, academic advisory and mentorship programs are made available to students.

Academic Advisory

Academic advising for students in the DeKUT School of Business Management and Economics is coordinated by the office of the Dean School of Business Management and Economics through the chair persons of each department. An academic advisory session is required by every student at least once every academic year and is an important part of the student’s academic experience at the School of Business Management and Economics. Every department has well-coordinated coffee hour sessions where the students get a chance to interact closely with the faculty team and receive essential academic advisory and guidance. The SBME also work closely with the DeKUT’s Directorate of Student welfare on cases that call for professional counseling. Every department has an appointed class advisor who is available throughout each semester for academic guidance.

Students Mentorship

The DeKUT, School of Business Management and Economics organize mentorship webinars and workshops from time to time.By connecting our students with mentors who have first-hand experience in business field, we offer invaluable guidance, support and encouragement. This mentorship cultivates personal growth, build self-confidence and nurture the business, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit in our students.By nurturing these qualities, we empower our graduates to become agents of change, driving innovation and progress across all sectors of our society. Our students also get connected and exposed to the opportunities available in other sections of the University such as DeKUT Start Up & Incubation Center(DeSIC), DeKUT Office of Career Services, DeKUT Science Park https://stp.dkut.ac.ke/, DeKUTCentre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management(CIEM) among others.

Student’s Responsibility and SBME Regulations

Each student is responsible for their coursework and understanding the degree requirements as well as Examination Rules and Regulations related to his/her own academic progress.
Our School of Business Management and Economics Academic Advisors provide free assistance to students with questions related to academic progression, curriculum, graduation requirements, academic achievement and career planning. It is important to remember that each student is expected to be an active participant in the educational process. In addition, each student is expected to keep appraised of issues related to SBME academics. Your academic advisor is an excellent resource to help you meet this expectation. We also avail a copy of SBME Common regulations to all our new students during the orientation program Click Here to view the SBME Examinations Regulations.

Student’s Requests and Release of Examinations Results

The SBME students are able to access and download their results online via the student’s portal.

Click here to download the student’s request form.

Dean, School of Business Management and Economics

Dean, School of Business Management and Economics

Dr. Anne Sang